Monday, June 3, 2024

Marriage Material

Image by Koen One Stop Map from Pixabay

The Balkan nation of Albania is noted for the way its Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox Christian communities coexist. Doubtless helping to keep the peace is that all three are united by a common enemy:  same-sex marriage.

Add the fact that the state doesn't recognize same-sex unions, and you start to appreciate the bravery of Alba Ahmetaj and Edlira Mara. The two women, who have been together 14 years and have twin daughters, recently donned flowing white wedding gowns and, in front of friends on the rooftop of the mayor's office in Tirana, tied the knot.

Down below, police officers guarded the building—from the very worst kind of wedding crashers.

May the little family be happy and safe. May the Albanian faith communities find something less toxic to agree upon. And may those who've married in more hospitable countries appreciate that their greatest fear was whether Aunt Mary would be schnockered before the vows.

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