Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Papal Progress

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Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has hinted, hedged and hiccuped that he favors a kinder approach to queer people. Yesterday he came through, as the Vatican announced that priests can bless same-sex couples.

It's still far from same-sex marriage, and there are caveats, but to a lot of LGBT Catholics, this is a big holy deal.

"To have this huge turnaround was very surprising," Aaron Bianco, a gay Catholic leader, told Gay City News. "I’m very happy. I think for non-Catholics, they probably don’t understand how huge this is. We’ve gone from 'this will never be a conversation' to 'OK priests, you have the ability now to go out and bless same-sex couples if they ask you for it.'"

I'm glad for the many queer Catholics in the world. This change might not be a miracle on a level with the loaves and fishes, but Pope Francis is damn sure feeding a multitude.

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