Saturday, December 30, 2023

Targeted in 2023

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

NBC News
reports that 75 anti-LGBTQ bills across 23 states became law in 2023.

Republican state lawmakers tripped over themselves to restrict queer rights, introducing over 500 bills. That made 2023 a record-setting year for legislation targeting the LGBTQ community, and I trust the Guinness Book folks have been alerted.

Since only about 15% of these bills became law, some argue we're coming out ahead. I get that, but the preponderance of bills feels like a tsunami of malevolence. A hate spate.

Most of the new laws restrict gender-affirming care for youth. The next most popular bar transgender students from playing on the correct sports teams, followed by limits on classroom instruction on LGBTQ issues. The rest of the laws restrict trans bathroom use in schools and drag performances in front of minors, and generally carry on as though Chicken Little took over the PTA.

The bottom line is most of these efforts are aimed at the most vulnerable in our community:  transgender kids. This allows conservatives to claim they're all about protecting children, when they're doing the opposite. They dismiss the known realities of gender, and penalize the parents who want their kids to live.

This week Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, an actual Republican, vetoed a bill that would've restricted gender-affirming care for minors. As a result, DeWine is now being called a "child mutilator."

I suspect Chicken Little handed out some speed-laced cupcakes.

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