Thursday, January 18, 2024

Live to Bake Another Day

Image:  Facebook

In Bristol, Conn., the Bakery on Maple almost became the empty building on Maple.

Since the business opened in 2021, owners Erika and Dave Landi have welcomed the LGBTQ community, offering rainbow cupcakes and displaying the Pride flag. Financial troubles led to Erika posting on Facebook on a recent Friday that the bakery's demise was imminent, in part because supporting the queer community "cost me customers and revenue."

When she arrived the next morning to open the shop, a line of people waited to get in. The bakery sold out in an hour and 20 minutes to customers who'd come from across the state.

At least for the short term, sympathetic souls in the Nutmeg State saved the Bakery on Maple. Never underestimate what can happen when you combine LGBTQ folks, their allies, social media and cinnamon rolls.

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